Network Technology

Group Services

The Network Technology (NT) group businesses are leaders in innovation, and the NT group brings intelligence to everyday office life with our hardware and software offerings delivered either through cloud services or on-premise.

Our businesses are able to offer a wide range of services, ranging from contract manufacturing, through to sales, consulting services, support and a unique global partner delivery network.

For more information regarding the NT group services and which of our group businesses could help your organisation, please contact us.

Local Sales, Service and Support

The NT group businesses have offices located in all major regions globally, offering design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, consulting and support services to delivery our product and solution offerings through an extensive global partner network to our end customers.

Design, Development and Manufacturing Capabilities

Even though much of the NT group businesses offer software and services which lead their offerings, hardware based products are still an important part of what we offer to our end customers.

For that reason, the group continues to operate its own in-house manufacturing capability to ensure it is able to design, test and manufacture its products to the highest standards as well as maintaining software product integration so that solutions implemented by our end customers work first time.

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